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Splatts since June 14th 2005


Welcome to the next worldwide phenomenon to capture the imaginations of children, teenagers and adults alike!

"SPLATTOONS ADVENTURES" has exponential story lines ranging from prehistoric times right through to the most advanced settings, featuring an unlimited array of unique paintball characters! The incredible character line-up favors translations of human males, and females, both young and old, from ALL nationalities making up the largest percentage including celebrity spoofs (e.g. Peter Faulk as Columbo becoming Painter Faulk as Columball). Present day domestic animals, birds, jungle dwellers, reptiles and wildlife occupy close second. While cave paintballs, neanderballs, pre-historic creatures and futuristic aliens and syborgs (fewer in numbers) only round out the zany cast, they are considered to be some of the most exciting! Covering such a diverse topic of interest range, in both character design and story development, creates an unprecedented, collectable appeal, (e.g. Pokemon) and entertainment value (e.g. The Simpson's) for SPLATTOONS ADVENTURES.



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