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"Splattoons Entertainment and all sponsors of the "Splattoons Visualization Therapy Program" wish to thank Nikki Clarke for allowing us to publicize her becoming the first ever participant in world to utilize the program. We admire her courage, strength, and positive attitude toward her battle with Neurofibromatosis, while helping Splattoons inform other potential participants with life threatening illnesses, of the programs availability. We wish Nikki great success for everything she applies her artistic talents to in the future!

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The SPLATTOONS Visualization Therapy Program will provide the opportunity for anyone with a life threatening illness to attend participating indoor paintball arenas throughout the world, and shoot (free of charge) SPLATTOONS Brand Paintballs at signs and images depicting their condition. The patients will visualize themselves winning their ultimate battle more effectively! Parents and siblings will be invited to participate (to a lesser extent due to cost considerations) to give a sense that the battle is truly a family affair. Anyone who is too medically fragile, or logistically unable to attend a participating arena can receive a CdRom version complete with a few fun games along with the Program!

If you, your child or someone you know could benefit from this program, please send or have them send conformation of desire to participate, including where you/they live, contact info and particulars surrounding your/their condition. I personally lost my son (ten months post bone marrow) at the best hospital (Toronto Sick Kids) in the world. I understand anonymity so information received will only be seen by people with stake in the program!

If you know of a well managed indoor arena that could be suitable for hosting such an important program that is not on our list, please tell the management about the program, and refer them to our website.

For details regarding eligibility and a participating arena nearest to your home or for details on how you or your company can become a sponsor of this innovative program, or to offer your arena as a host location send us an email.

Also visit The De Lamb Learning Centre for more information on support for children with learning differences.
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