The first officially documented game of Paintball was played in 1981, when Charles Gaines & Hayes Noel originally thought up the paintball concept and invited ten friends to take some Nel-Spot marking pistols and some oil base filled paintballs into the backwoods of New Hamshire U.S.A, to settle a dispute over who could survive such a competition. It was a classic City Slickers vs. Country Bumpkins rivalry. Paintball continued to be played primarily in the woods until about 1986 when some creative people started playing inside various types of buildings from long chicken barns to old abandoned factories, and warehouses to multi-level parking structures. Today another common form of Paintball is referred to as Speedball with the most popular form of that being X-Ball. X-Ball utilizes flat open areas both in and outdoor like Speedball, but uses only inflatable bunkers, unlike some Speedball courses which tend to use anything from old vehicles and aircrafts to pallets and 45gal. Drums.

   A best friend of Charles Gainses participating that day, Robert F.Guernsey, the namesake of (Ball Gurnsey) the character you clicked on to get here, was largely responsible for the success of "The National Survival Game Corporation" better know simply as NSG. At one point there were over 600 NSG Paintball Fields around the world, but mostly in the U.S., and Great Britain. There are thousands of Paintball facilities around the world today, including a new stadium specifically designed for the sport in 2005.

   There are large tournaments held annually in many countries that attract upwards of 250 teams from all over the world to compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cash and prizes. The largest Canadian tournament that I know of is Skyball…an indoor Paintball Extravaganza held in the famous retractable roofed SkyDome in Toronto.

   Through several leaders and organizations like Jessica Sparks (Jessica Splatt in my world) of the International Paintball Players Association (I.P.P.A) many important improvements where made to safety gear and playing rules as a way of self- regulating the sport! It was not easy to keep up with the rapidly advancing marker technology capable today of discharging 20 plus Paintballs per second!

   Now that you know a little bit about Paintball please click on the Rollball Cop character for an important safety message from Paintball News!


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