Kids please don't use your Paintball markers anywhere other than an authorized field or arena! Too many reports are being published about young people throwing away the best years of their lives to wrought in a 6x10 jail cell for splatting people in public, from moving car, and around public playgrounds and schools. Some kids have even been shot at and driven at by angry otherwise innocent victims of such foolishness.

Parents, education not deprivation is the key to ensuring your loved ones are not caving in to peer pressure to ride with friends during such dangerous acts as these.
Spend a little time researching some of these horror stories on the net, and see together how serious the consequences can be for a moment of bad judgement in regards to misusing a Paintball Marker! This will be far more effective than taking your son or daughters marker away from them or prohibiting them from owning one. Chances are they will likely be exposed to a marker some how anyway.

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